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Imagine a story

You are a hotel manager, in a new boutique hotel in Europe. As a hotelier, an important part of your job is to optimize the business: to minimize the costs and maximize the revenue, or in short: to increase the Profit.

After one year of hard work, you believe that you managed to optimize the hotel’s costs to almost a minimum: you have already changed the suppliers of the F&B, replaced the internet, electricity and water providers, hired employees in strategic positions, checked carefully the extra hours for cleaning, etc..

You truly believe there is nothing major that you could still improve in order to reduce the costs in a significant way. However, you realize that you have done nothing to reduce the biggest part of the cost in your hotel’s P&L: the commissions for the OTA’s.

At this point, you start to look for ways in which a relatively small boutique hotel, without a budget for an in-house web specialist, can “win” the “battle” with the OTA’s: to drive more direct bookings from the hotel’s website and minimize the cost of commissions, thus increasing the Profit.
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Revenue Directly From Your Website

After 6 months of hard work, trying plenty of ideas and different solutions, you finally find the right formula, the right people to “fight” alongside with you. You join forces with a team of digital marketing professionals, who are specialized in Hotel Management. In a short time, your direct bookings start to increase significantly: more than 400% of revenue is now coming directly from your website!

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Revenue Directly From Your Website

This is our story, and this story could be yours as well!

This story is the reason we established “Simple Profit”: to help hoteliers of small-medium size hotels in finding new solutions to win the “battle” against all the huge sales channels. We believe that hoteliers should have adequate alternatives to paying high commission rates and thousands of Euros to OTAs. By collaborating with hotels, we minimize an important part of their commission costs, and we help them to increase their Profit in a significant manner.

Make this story be yours, too – it’s Simple!

– Simple Profit Team